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Cusanuswerk Scholarship

The Cusanuswerk is the scholarship body of the Catholic Church in Germany and awards government scholarships to exceptionally gifted (not exclusively Catholic!) students in all branches of academic study.

The most essential element of this sponsorship is a comprehensive interdisciplinary education programme that aims to encourage discussion about science and belief, society and the Church.

Financial support consists of a monthly grant and a monthly amount of money for books. Family and child care allowances may also be added. In addition, the Cusanuswerk supports international study visits, internships and language courses.

Students in bursary programme

Clara Alisch
Sarah Hablützel
Jonas Hinnerkort
Gerrit Frohne-Brinkmann
Martin Lindemann
Marko Mijatovic
Dorothea Nold
Dr. Christa Pfafferott
Elina Saalfeld
Verena Schöttmer
Sophie Schweighart
Laura Sigrüner
Paul Sochacki
Jonathan Spörke


Once a year, a selection process takes place among Fine Arts students. The next application period is in fall/winter 2020.