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DAAD prize for exceptional achievement by non-German students

Every year, the “DAAD Prize for Exceptional Achievement by Non-German Students”, a sum of 1,000 euros, is awarded to a non-German student for exceptional achievements and special social/intercultural engagement. The prize is awarded by HFBK president Prof. Martin Köttering.

Awardees (since 2003)

2019 Violet Nantume, Uganda
Krystsina Savutsina, Belarus
2017 Vladimir Vulević and Nina Zeljković, Serbia
Denis Kudrjasov, Estonia
2015 Shira Lewis, Israel
2014 Sho Hasegawa, Japan
2013 Nathaniel Clark, USA
2012 Bernhard Hetzenauer, Austria
2011 Claire Macé, France
2010 YoungJin Song, South Korea
2009 Jennifer Bennett, Switzerland
2008 Eriks Apalais, Lettland
2007 Trang Huyen Nguyen, Vietnam
2006 Dario Aguirre Guevara, Ecuador
2005 Meng Yin, China
2004 Adnan Softic, Bosnia and Herzegowina
2003 Kailiang Yang, China


Until 16 January 2020


  • Non-German BA students having completed 4 semesters or MA students.
  • Social and/or intercultural engagement.
  • The completed application form,
  • a short CV, and
  • a recommendation letter written by an HFBK professor.

On 21 January 2020 the applicants have to present a selection of their work to the AG Internationales. The committee will then decide whom to award the grants and the prize.
The prize will be awarded by HFBK President Prof. Martin Köttering during the opening of the Annual Exhibition on 6 February 2020.

During the Annual Exhibition the awardee will have the opportunity to present in the Folgendes room.