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Camera / Light / Sound Workshop

Current Opening Hours

The following individual conditions apply to equipment rental within the camera/ light/ sound workshop (Finkenau 35, K04- 06):

  • Equipment rental is only possible by prior appointment.
  • No more than 2 students, the workshop supervisor and, if applicable, 1 student assistant should be present for the loan of equipment, i.e. a maximum of 4 persons in the workshop rooms.

For courses in the workshop rooms, a maximum of 4 students will be admitted, so that together with the workshop supervisor there will be a maximum of 5 people in the workshop at the same time.

Use of the HFBK film studio is only possible if all project participants are named. A maximum of 12 persons can stay in the film studio at the same time.

Hygiene concept, status: May 2020

Hygienekonzept der Werkstatt Kamera / Licht / Ton

The lending service of the Camera/Light/Sound workshop provides extensive professional-quality technical equipment, allowing HFBK students to record their own audiovisual projects in high quality.

Many types of camera, sound, and lighting equipment, plus tripods and accessories for film and video shoots, can be borrowed according to your needs. Additionally, analogue medium format and 35mm cameras, digital photo cameras and accessories can be borrowed for students’ photographic projects.

Please inform us of the timeframe and the equipment required for larger-scale projects in good time. To borrow equipment, you must be able to prove that you have liability insurance for loaned equipment.

The open practical workshop in the Camera/Light/Sound workshop provides further advice on specific questions and issues relating to the implementation of film content (it is best if you give prior notice shortly beforehand).

Additionally, small experimental films will be made using the equipment available in the workshop, with a new key topic every semester. Please pay attention to the notices posted on the notice board in front of the workshop entrance (K.04, basement storey, Finkenau 35).

Additionally, it is possible to hold one-on-one artworks discussions about your artistic project plans (for which an appointment must be made by email).