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Johanna Dehio

Johanna Dehio, Gastprofessorin Design

Johanna Dehio (*1984) is a german designer living and working in Berlin.

With a background as product designer, she works in different constellations on applied research and design projects in social and cultural context. Based on a study of different aspects of improvisation which are consistently serving as an impulse and inspiration, her work is concerned with the substance of relationships between people, objects and space.

All different forms and aspects of design can be lead back to the living environment and situation of people and are contextualized in it. „Arbeitstitel - vom Provisorium zum Produkt“ was a research and design project experimenting with the potentials of improvisation within the design process (2010).

Throughout different collaborative projects she developed a metaphor of the kitchen as a reference for cultural processes, approaching contextual questions through exemplary practical or sensual experiences: „Construisine I“ was a temporary open kitchen exploring potentials of communal production in public space during Stadtarbeit, Vienna Design Week (2013). „Construisine II“ proposed a tool for communication with the neighborhood during the reconstruction of the masters houses at Bauhaus Dessau (2013). „Firekitchen“ activated a temporary community through experiencing the whole production process of a clay kitchen, exploring and exchanging inherent and practical knowledge at Vila Itororó, Goethe Institut Sao Paulo / 11a bienal de arquitectura SP (2017). Since 2013 she has been involved in various projects with „Constructlab“ on collaborative and participative construction practice and since 2016 with „OH group“ on transdisciplinary and transparent process-design.

Johanna Dehio has been teaching at University of the Arts Berlin (UdK), Free University Bolzano (unibz) and HFBK Hamburg, and holding interdisciplinary workshops and lectures.